iDANS 04 (October 2010): The New CosmopoliDANS

The 4th edition of iDANS, which takes place throughout October 2010 in Istanbul, revolves around the theme of “Cosmopolitanism.” iDANS aims to bring into attention the complexity, hybridity and heterogeneity of identities and expose the multiple cultural affiliations of artistic practices. The festival program highlights the “choreographic” as a practice of cultural, political and affective negotiations and probes the relevance of artistic expressions for an agonistic public space. 

As a political, ethical, and cultural notion and as a way of life, cosmopolitanism insinuates a capacity to understand, negotiate and embrace cultural diversity. Under the rubric of contested meanings and different significances of “cosmopolitanism,” iDANS examines the relations between space, place and environment; the tension between local affiliations and universal imperatives; the patterns and conditions of human mobility, settlement and exclusion; the changing meanings of community and belonging; the affinity between cities and cosmopolitan imaginaries; and the transnational space-time of imagination and geography-bound imaginables. 

What might cosmopolitanism in the arts entail? Does the field of live arts take for granted the fact that cultures have always already been hybrid, rendering concerns of boundaries irrelevant? How is cosmopolitanism experienced in everyday life and urban space by diverse social actors? How do “new cosmopolitanisms” depart from and challenge conventional notions of cosmopolitanism espoused by the state and/or market forces?

What modes of belongings and displacements are produced in/by the arts? What is the place of migration and mobility in the production, circulation and reception of transnational forms of performance? Does being part of a metropolis bring about automatically a cosmopolitan outlook in the arts? How does the absence of such an outlook manifest itself? To what extent can contemporary dance operate as a cosmopolitan category––as a particularly dense site for the circulation and reinvention of forms, meanings and bodies?

Proposing the metropolis as a cultural site, and as a symbolic and choreographic engine, iDANS invites a closer attention to the role of the senses, the mundane particulars, legends and myths in creating the urban charisma that Istanbul is. But, before anything else, the festival seeks to provide a platform for artists to confront their own confrontation of the “other.” 

iDANS 04


1 November

European Dance Prize for Young Choreographers awarded within iDANS Festival


The “Prix Jardin d’Europe” goes in 2010 to a performance that questions the contemporary value of art...


On October 31st, iDANS Festival hosted on its closing evening the awarding of the European Dance Prize for Young Choreographers. The “Prix Jardin d’Europe” is the main project of the “Jardin d’Europe”, a network supported by the Culture Programme of the European Commission, developed by its 10 European partners – Ultima Vez (BE), CCN Montpellier (FR), Workshop Foundation (HU), Lokomotiva (MK), Station (RS), 4Culture (RO), Cullberg Ballet (SE), Bimeras Cultural Foundation (TR), Southbank Centre (UK), danceWEB (AT).

In 2010, the jury was comprised of the emerging dance critics and journalists, participants to the 3rd edition of Critical Endeavour, which is an educational writing workshop programme within Jardin d’Europe: Eylül Akıncı (TR), Bükki Nóra Ildikó (HU), Iulia Popovici (RO), Julie Rodeyns (BE), Lisa Caroline Smith (UK), Theresa Steininger (AT), Josefine Wikström (SE), Maxime Fleuriot (FR), Martina Rösler (AT) ,and Dean Damjanovski (MK).

After the deliberations of the ten members of the jury, the “Prix Jardin d’Europe” is awarded to the performanceE.I.O. by Maria Baroncea, Eduard Gabia & Dragana Bulut. The value of the award is 10.000 euro in concepts of production funding for a new creation.

The E.I.O. team receives the award “for the way in which, through this performance, with minimal resources and much imagination, they deeply redefine the concept of work, questioning the means of production both in art and real life, the creation, distribution and value of art”.

Two of the residencies offered by the Jardin d’Europe network are awarded to Fabián Barba (A Mary Wigman Dance Evening) and one of them to the Bloom! collective (City). Each residency consists of two weeks and will be hosted by Workshop Foundation (Budapest), in partnership with DanceWeb, Ultima Vez (Brussels), in partnership with Workspace Brussels, and Cullberg Ballet (Stockholm).

The jury considers that Fabián Barba “re-addresses the complex theme of re-enactment and reconstruction in a very personal, subtle way. His performance aims to the contemporary through the rethinking of the past, merging the roles of the artist and the craftsman”.

Therewith, the Bloom! collectiv“deals in a very coherent, rigourous way with the issues of body, junctions and competition in the society as in the field of contemporary dance itself, consistently following their proposal, in a creative collective composition”.

The special appreciation of the jury goes to the artists Maud Le Pladec (Professor), Pieter Ampe and Guilhermo Garrido (Still Standing You).

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16 October

Press release from BİMERAS about attack to Free Zone Exhibition 

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