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    Diego Agulló
    CUE Istanbul

    21 October 2011 | Friday 22:00


    Everybody's invited

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    Traversing the boundaries between work and leisure, performance and event, dilletantism and consumption, working at play or playing at work, CUE, proposed by the Spanish multi-disciplinary artist Diego Agulló, is a happening that aims neither the achievement of a result, nor the creation of a specific product. It aims to generate the conditions for an environment where communications, mis-communications, actions, and reactions are possible and welcome all at the same time. 

    CUE is everything that happens in the space within the whole duration of the event. The aim of CUE is neither providing some sort of result, nor to create some specific product, but to generate the conditions where different people can either struggle or enjoy their time in a collective game of simultaneous actions, where what is sought is nothing else than a new, spontaneous and permanently unstable kind of communication.

    You will find helpful to apply principles of autonomy and tolerance to find answers to the following questions: How can people stay together in a context where there are neither rules nor a director, and the individuals are guided solely by their self-enjoyment principle? How can the participants’ actions not exclude one another? What happens if two different individual enjoyments interfere or collide between each other? How are interferences to be understood? What happens if one or more participants end up disagreeing with the decisions/actions taken by other participants for some reason?

    CUE happened for the first time in March 2007 in the Weissenseer Freitag Gallery of Berlin. Since May 2008 CUE has been taking place simultaneously both in Berlin and Madrid.

    Diego Agulló (Madrid, 1980) is a performer, musician, thinker, and film-maker. He studied Philosophy at Universidad Autónoma Madrid. Since 2005 he is based in Berlin exploring the fields of video, performance and music. Since 2006 he has been organizing a monthly improvisation event CUE in Berlin and beyond. He squeezes fresh juice every morning. He divides his time between Berlin and Amsterdam in collaboration with the SNDO (The school for New Dance Development) and performing in international festivals such as iDANS Istanbul, Plateaux Frankfurt, Context #7 HAU Berlin, Something Raw Frascati, Baku Biennale, Vilnius Biennale. Sometimes he forgets to breath.

    His video works have been presented in 57th Berlinale Filmfestspiele (2007), MONA Detroit´s Contemporary Museum, Dance Theater Workshop New York, Asahi Art Square Tokio, Thessaloniki Film Fesival, Xtend2010 Digital Media Center Oxford, Athens video art, Experimenta Club Casa Encendida, POOL 07 Dock 11, Musée des Abbatoirs Toulouse. He is a fan.

    For Further İnformation : www.diegoagullo.com