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    New Works - Program 1

    19 October 2012 | Friday 20:00
    MSUFA Bomonti Campus, Şebnem Selışık Aksan Stage


    20 TL

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    Every two years, a new cohort of promising choreographers raised in the most successful dance school of Europe goes on tour throughout Europe. Come and witness the latest developments in dance hosted at its iDANS station! 


    P.A.R.T.S., the Brussels-based dance school founded and directed by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, is considered one of the most important training centers for contemporary dance in the world. Spread over two evenings, each with a different program, a group of students who graduated in June 2012 will present a selection of their graduation works. The young dancers and choreographers created two duets and a quartet, touching very diverse features of what contemporary dance can be: from the intimate and theatrical over the exuberant and musical to abstract compositions inspired by very concrete forms of behaviour. They also dance Zeitung / fragments, a version for six male dancers of Zeitung by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Alain Franco. The first public steps of tomorrow's generation of dancers and choreographers.



    Natural Order is a Special Case

    Choreography and performance: Védis Kjartánsdóttir & Louis Combeaud | Music: Philip Glass , Peter Tchaikowski, Jean-Philippe Rameau | Thanks to our mentors: Cyntia Loemij and Davis Freeman | Special thanks: Chrysa Parkinson, Salva Sanchis and Christophe Wavelet.

    Duration: 27 minutes


    How does one interpret and demonstrate a heavily established and recognized music piece? How can one deal with engraved references of the history of music and how is it possible to use those elements to establish a way to communicate on stage? To go beyond the term of "language" as we know it and create a system of meta languages or an inner language? 

    With only the body as an instrument the two dancers make an attempt to regenerate and interpret music pieces by Philip Glass, Rameau and Tchaikovsky. With their memory as a base the two subjective and abstract minds are constantly and unconsciously changing, shaping and forming the original music piece into something else.

    Going beyond the terms of memory and language and creating a common point, the two dancers collaborate and communicate on stage with the reflection of their imagination and the echo of their memories. The piece becomes an unusual and abstract work with a hint of drama and humor.



    111- 1 

    Created and performed by: Radouan Mriziga, Youness Khoukhou, José Paulo dos Santos and Mohamed Toukabri | Music: “Walk On By” by Isaac Hayes (composers: Burt Bacharach and Hal David)

    Duration: 38 minutes


    Representations of corporeality vary in different social groups.

    Indeed, the body is always socially invested in specific ways. The body that we see is far from being a definitive reality.

    Abstract willingness affected by the light, the movement of the sound, the geometry from one point to all directions, the lines and curves. From abstract to narrative affected by your rhythm, my rhythm out of rhythm, how you look, where you look and why you look. Leading to a change or transformation of me, you and us. Expected or not, but it’s an information translated to a code in movement. Movement to decipher codes.