• "Amor Mundi" is born.

    After a decade of organizing the iDANS International Festival of Contemporary Dance and Performance as well as assisting numerous local artists from Turkey for their international touring and co-productions, Bimeras is now launching its new research center and activities titled “Amor Mundi.” Inspired by Hannah Arendt’s thoughts on the difficulty of loving the world as it is, with all the evil, suffering, and political atrocities, and the potential to do so through the arts and humanities, it aims to support, facilitate, and disseminate research and debate that cut across humanities, humanistic social sciences, and the arts.


    With the input and insights of an international board of advisors and scholars,

    Amor Mundi will:


    -       support and facilitate new research based on 2-year thematic clusters

    -       organize a weekly summer seminar each July led by top scholars in their respective fields

    -       host writing residencies and retreats

    -       offer fellowships for outstanding researchers



    The inaugural event of Amor Mundi,  Bodies of Evidence: Ethics, Aesthetics, and Politics book presentation, talks, video-lectures, and workshops took place on 12&13 July 2019 at the Besiktas premises of Bimeras.