• Selected Poems from "Alle Galgenlieder" in Turkish and German

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    Christian Morgernstern







    Edited by: Gurur Ertem

    Translated to Turkish by: Aykan Safoğlu

    Graphic Design: Vahit Tuna

    Layout Deisgn: Çağla Camcıoğlu

    First Edition: Istanbul, May 2009

    Print: A4 Offset

    © Bimeras Publications

    Turkish / German, 48 pages, 10X21 cm.

    ISBN 978-605-89302-1-6






    This book consists of the Christian Morgernsterns' poems from his book Alle Galgenlieder selected by Annika Krump for her performance Palma Kunkel Singt Morgernsterns Lieder, which was presented in the May 2009 program of iDANS Contemporary Dance and Performance Festival, and their original translations into Turkish by Aykan Safoğlu .