iDANS 02: Dance On Time!

The May 2009 edition of iDANS Istanbul International Festival of Contemporary Dance and Performance organized by Bimeras will take place throughout the whole month at multiple venues in Istanbul. Conceived around the vertiginous concept of "Time," the festival will include some 40 works created by artists from 20 countries. This year we also host a parallel program for local artists entitled ''Local Time'' between May 22-24. The festival will include live and ''not-so-live'' performances, artists' talks, concerts, publications, and a conference on May 16&17 addressing thematic issues of concern. The festival seeks to combine deep thought and fun, reflection and distraction; to offer a multi-faceted platform for presenting, discussing, sharing and debating dance, culminating each day with our dinners at the festival meeting point!

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New cat in iDANS office:
Our general coordinator Aydin Silier run into a cat on the street ten days ago. He was in a terrible dehydrated state, about to die. He recovered through serum therapies, and is now enjoying our attention in our office. He is named "Hydro".

iDANS Closing Party:
After the last performance at Garajistanbul on Wednesday, the 3rd of June, Festival Closing Party at the foyer. Entrance free with any iDANS ticket. As with all iDANS activities, no smoking is allowed. Discounted drinks, music free!

Bimeras Publications launches two books:
"Solo? in Contemporary Dance" consists of the proceedings of the conference which took place within the first iDANS at Bogazici University. Participants from different disciplines discus the "solo" as a particular artistic form, from historical, artistic, and sociological points of view. The book is both in Turkish and English.
"Selected Poems from Alle Galgenlieder in Turkish and German" The poems were selected by Annika Krump who performed compositions of his humorous lyric on the 28th of May in Roxy Music Club. This is the first book in Turkey with translation of Christian Morgenstern's poetry into Turkish.
On the line up: Exhausting Dance by Andre Lepecki (Turkish translation)

Question & answer Session with the artists:
After the first showing of every performance at iDANS, there will be a question & answer session with the artists. All audience members are welcome.