Tickets are on Biletix and at garajistanbul ticket counter. Discount fare is for students, teachers, performing art professionals and 65+, with a valid ID. Opening hours for garajistanbul ticket counter: 12:30 - 20:00 (after 20:00, only for the same evening)

iDANS discount Program

Participants of the iDANS Discount Program will be honored a separate discount; proportional to the number of showings they attend in iDANS 03. To participate in this program, they should first purchase their tickets in their fare, and then register themselves at the entrance of the shows. At the end of the festival, they will receive a back-payment in proportion to the number of their registrations to the total number (14) of all shows in iDANS 03. Registration is also possible at film screenings. Double registrations are possible for For example, a participant who has registered at all the shows may get all his/her money back!